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How does Hibernate Query Cache work


Introduction Now that I covered both Entity and Collection caching, it’s time to investigate how Query Caching works. The Query Cache is strictly related to Entities and it draws an association between a search criteria and the Entities fulfilling that specific query filter. Like other Hibernate features, the Query Cache is not as trivial as one might think. Entity model ...

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Modern BPM Data Integration with JBoss BPM Travel Agency Demo


Some time ago we launched a rather expansive JBoss Travel Agency demo project to show some of the more interesting feature of JBoss BPM Suite. We provided a collection of videos that not only show you how to install it, what the various rule and process artifacts are in the project, but we also walk you through the various paths ...

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Docker Compose on Windows with Python And Babon


Compose is a tool for defining and running complex applications with Docker. With Compose, you define a multi-container application in a single file, then spin your application up in a single command which does everything that needs to be done to get it running. It is the only tool in the Docker tool-chain, which doesn’t have a native binary for ...

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Netty: Testing encoders/decoders


I’ve been working with Netty a bit recently and having built a pipeline of encoders/decoders as described in this excellent tutorial wanted to test that the encoders and decoders were working without having to send real messages around. Luckily there is a EmbeddedChannel which makes our life very easy indeed. Let’s say we’ve got a message ‘Foo’ that we want ...

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Guide as in Mountaineering


Yes, I happen to deal with architecture, software design and technology. And yes, I’m entitled by the term “software architect”. I don’t like it that much, though. IMHO it is a widely misused role. Many think of the “ivory tower architects”, sitting in their rooms and designing their architectures of dreams which they then command to the dev teams. That ...

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Internet of Things with Android and Arduino: Control remote Led


This post describes how to control a remote Led using Arduino and Android. Nowadays a new emerging technology is Internet of Things (IoT): in other words all the physical objects (things)  are connected together  using internet infrastructure. Arduino is one of the most important object in this ecosystem. In this post, we will explore how to integrate Android with Arduino ...

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Spark Monitoring: How to Handle 10B Requests a Day


Taboola’s Spark monitoring architecture for handling 10B+ daily user events They say unicorns don’t exist, but of course you know that’s not true — at least not in the tech world. When we looked to learn more about Spark monitoring, our first choice was one of these unicorns – Taboola. This post will give an inside view of how they ...

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How LongAccumulator and DoubleAccumulator classes work?


Two classes new in Java 8 deserve some attention: LongAccumulator and DoubleAccumulator. They are designed to accumulate (more on what does that mean later) values across threads safely while being extremely fast. A test is worth a thousand words, so here is how it works: class AccumulatorSpec extends Specification { public static final long A = 1 public static final ...

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Geb Gems: Handling AJAX requests


One of the biggest struggles while testing web applications that use AJAX is dealing with the timing issues caused by asynchronous nature of the request. A common solution is using timeouts to wait for the AJAX call to be completed. This could cause lots of timing issues. Using Geb there is a better way to determine that the AJAX call and its ...

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Agile is Punk – Agile is Democracy


From time to time I’ve been heard to say: “Agile is Punk.” But I’ve never explained myself. I’ve also been heard to say things life “Agile is about democratising the workplace” but I’ve never explain myself there either. Let me try… What I mean when I say this is: Agile (software development) has a lot in common with Punk rock. ...

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