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MongoDB Tutorial for Beginners

1. Introduction to MongoDB In this post, we feature a comprehensive MongoDB Tutorial that integrates with a Java-based application. Whenever we read about NoSQL databases, we need to know why were they ever developed when SQL databases were working excellent. NoSQL foundations grew upon relaxed ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability) guarantees in favour of performance, scalability, flexibility and reduced complexity. ...

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Jdbi for SaaS & NoSQL

A natural interface for Java-based data integration with CRM, ERP, Accounting, Marketing Automation, NoSQL, flat files and more Jdbi is a SQL convenience library for Java that provides JDBC with a more natural Java database interface that’s easy to bind to domain data types. The library includes building blocks that allow developers to more easily map relationships and objects within ...

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The Apache Ignite Native persistence, a brief overview


In-memory approaches can achieve blazing speed by putting the working set of the data into the system memory. When all data is kept in memory, the need to deal with issues arising from the use of traditional spinning disks disappears. This means, for instance, there is no need to maintain additional cache copies of data and manage synchronization between them. ...

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Couchbase Cluster on Mesos with DC/OS

Apache Mesos is an open source cluster manager developed at UC Berkeley. It provides resource isolation and sharing across distributed applications. Mesos consists of a master daemon that manages slave daemons running on each cluster node.Mesos frameworks are applications that runs on Mesos and run tasks on these slaves. Marathon is a container orchestration platform running on Mesos.Multiple container formats are supported ...

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Spring boot with Spring Security and NoSQL

In the previous post we set up a spring security configuration by providing custom queries for user and authority retrieval from an sql database. Nowadays many modern applications utilize NoSQL databases. Spring security does not come with an out of the box solution for NoSQL databases. In those case we need to provide a solution by Implementing a Custom UserDetailsService. ...

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Securing NoSQL Databases: Use the Force

With stories of the thefts of millions of credit card records and sensitive employee data at some of the world’s largest companies and government agencies dominating recent headlines, it’s not surprising that organizations are doubling down on security. Security is finally starting to get top management’s attention. Ponemon Institute’s 2015 security report found that 55 percent of top executives rated ...

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Redis transactions

Redis transactions allow to group multiple commands and to execute them sequentially. The whole transactional state is isolated from other users and becomes visible once a transaction is committed. A Redis transaction is different from transactions in, let’s say, relational databases. A Redis transaction feels more like a queue/stack of commands because commands are queued and the execution is deferred. ...

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How to Evolve from RDBMS to NoSQL + SQL

For the past 25 years, applications have been built using an RDBMS with a predefined schema that forces data to conform with a schema on-write. Many people still think that they must use an RDBMS for applications, even though records in their datasets have no relation to one another. Additionally, those databases are optimized for transactional use, and data must ...

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