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MySQL Stored Procedure Tutorial

1. Introduction In an enterprise level application, there is always a need to perform certain specific set of tasks on the database on a regular basis like database cleanup, processing payroll, creating a new entity with several default entries and lots more. Such a task could involve execution of multiple queries for each task. This process could be eased if ...

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MySQL Replication Tutorial

1. Introduction to MySQL replication In a large scale enterprise system, data consistency and backup is of prime importance. It is equally important to distribute the load on the database server using copies of the database. However, maintaining backup or additional instances is a difficult task especially when you try to copy entire database repeatedly. MySQL replication helps us precisely ...

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MySQL Command Line Tutorial

1. Introduction to MySQL In my previous tutorial, I discussed about installation of MySQL server and getting started with the use of MySQL database. In this article we would be discussing in detail about using the MySQL command line to perform various operations like select, insert, update, delete, database administration, authorization management and several other operations necessary while using MySQL ...

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MySQL Server Tutorial

1. Introduction to MySQL Server MySQL is an open source relational database management system developed by a Swedish company in 1995. MySQL being an open source system, it has been used by numerous famous companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Flickr as well as Youtube. MySQL server is also a central component in LAMP, an open source web application framework. MySQL ...

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