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Subscript Operator Overloading: Python vs Kotlin

Being able to access items in collections using subscripting (i.e. with square brackets, like myCollection[2]) is a really big convenience for me. I hate typing method names for this functionality, especially the boring old get() method. Not only is get() boring, it’s incredibly nondescript. (On a tangent: In my opinion, it would be nice if the “default” name for a ...

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Cloud Build – CI/CD for a Java Project

In a previous blog post I went over the basics of what it takes to create a configuration for Cloud Build. This post will expand on it by creating a functional CI/CD pipeline for a java project using Cloud Build. Note that I am claiming the pipeline will be functional but far from optimal, a follow up post at some ...

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Json Patch and Json Merge Patch in Java

 Json Patch and Json Merge Patch both do one job well – a way to represent a change to a source json structure.   Json Patch does it as a series of operations which transforms a source document and Json Merge Patch represents the change as a lite version of the source document. It is easier to show these as an ...

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Coroutine based Spring boot webflux application

I have worked with Spring Framework for ages and it still manages to surprise me with how cutting edge it continues to be but at the same time enabling a developer to put together a fairly sane app. The most recent surprise was with how it enables programming a web application with Kotlin coroutines. Coroutines is a fairly complicated concept ...

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AWS SDK 2 for Java and storing a Json in DynamoDB


AWS DynamoDB is described as a NoSQL key-value and a document database. In my work I mostly use the key-value behavior of the database but rarely use the document database features, however  the document database part is growing on me and this post highlights some ways of using the document database feature of DynamoDB along with introducing a small utility ...

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Paging Library 3 and Content Provider

I needed to display the contents of a Android content provider in a recyclerview with pagination. I also wanted to try out version 3 of the Android Paging Library (which is currently in 3.0.0.alpha2 release), but most of the sources of documentation and tutorials are targeted at accessing either a network (e.g. Retrofit) or a database. So I wrote a ...

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AWS DynamoDB version field using AWS SDK for Java 2


It is useful to have a version attribute on any entity saved to anAWS DynamoDB database which is simply a numeric indication of the number of times the entity has been modified. When the entity is first created it can be set to 1 and then incremented on every update.  The benefit is immediate – an indicator of the number ...

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