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Apache NetBeans 11.1 Just released!

The Apache NetBeans proudly announced the long expected release of Apache NetBeans 11.1 that has a plethora of exciting new features including Payara integration out of the box for the first time, with thanks to the Payara team! You can download it here https://netbeans.apache.org/download/nb111/nb111.html Bellow are all the new exciting features this version has to offer! Java EE The highlights ...

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14 Useful (and Free) Plugins for Eclipse IDE

1,667 available plugins and solutions on the Eclipse marketplace online! By the time you read this there are probably even more. If you venture beyond the official marketplace you will find hundreds of other plugins developed to be compatible with your Eclipse IDE. Sounds like a classic first-world problem; too many plugins to choose from. Most of the available plugins ...

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IntelliJ IDEA vs Eclipse: Which Is Better for Beginners

Any discussion comparing IntelliJ IDEA and Eclipse for Java development can be tricky because it’s sticky. The IDE I mean. An IDE is what we in marketing call a sticky product. Once someone starts using it they stick to it and rarely switch. IDE users turn into something evolutionary anthropologists refer to as “fanboys”. IntelliJ loyalists scoff at Eclipse fanboys, ...

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Eclipse Foundation Specification Process Step-by-Step

Scientific progress goes “boink”? – Hobbes The Eclipse Foundation Specification Process (EFSP) provides a framework and governance model for developers engaged in the process of developing specifications. Specification: A specification is a collection of related artifacts. The EFSP defines a specification as a “collection of Application Programming Interface (API) definitions, descriptions of semantic behavior, data formats, protocols, and/or other referenced ...

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Apache NetBeans (incubating) 10.0 Released

The Apache NetBeans proudly announced the release of Apache NetBeans (incubating) 10.0. Finally the first Apache NetBeans incubating release with full support for Java SE, PHP and JavaScript development You can download it here: https://netbeans.apache.org/download/nb100/nb100.html Apache NetBeans (incubating) 10.0 constitutes all but the enterprise cluster in the Apache NetBeans Git repo, which together provide the NetBeans Platform (i.e., the underlying application framework), ...

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Hidden Treasures of Eclipse Collections

Eclipse Collections is an open source Java Collections framework. Please refer to the resources at the end of the blog for more information about the framework. In this blog I am going to demonstrate five lesser known features of the framework. distinct(): When you want to get unique items in your List the typical way to get them is to ...

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API Design of Eclipse Collections

Eclipse Collections is an open source Java Collections Framework which enables writing functional, fluent code in Java. History Eclipse Collections started off as a collections framework named Caramel at Goldman Sachs in 2004. Since then the framework has evolved, and in 2012, it was open sourced to GitHub as a project called GS Collections. Over the years, around 40 or ...

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Eclipse RAP with Spring Boot

Intro I like Eclipse :-). I’ve been using it for many years. I think the IDE is great and it is free! But Eclipse is much more than just the IDE. It is more like an ecosystem of applications, plugins and projects. Anyone can use the Eclipse Framework to create his/her own Eclipse-based application.   It is called Eclipse RCP ...

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Search for time interval in logs


Intro This post is indirectly related to my mini-series about log analysis. It would be great to read the two main parts to better understand what I’m talking about. Part 1, Part 2. This post describes one important problem I ran into while implementing the IDE approach. Task Description When someone is working with logs usually he or she needs to investigate ...

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