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IntelliJ Plugin Development Tutorial Pt. 2 – Handling User Input

In the previous part of our intellij plugin development tutorial, we saw how to get started with creating a plugin in intellij. We created a simple notification and learnt how to create actions, add actions to the group and perform a task when the user clicks an action. Part 1 – IntelliJ Plugin Development Tutorial – Getting Started In this ...

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How to increase the number of tabs in IntelliJ Idea

Hello Friends, This is a quick small post on increasing the tab limits in the Intellij idea. I recently started using IntelliJ Idea and I am really liking it, but one thing I noticed is, if you have more than 10 tabs opened in your IntelliJ and try to open more, it automatically closes the previously opened tab(s), which I ...

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Visual Studio Code vs IntelliJ IDEA – Which is best for Java devs?

When you spend more time in front of your code than you do with your family, you can officially call your IDE (Integrated Development Environment) “home”. Most developers invest quite a bit of time and energy in customizing their digital work environment with plugins, modules, and eye-friendly color themes. After all, it’s where they “live”.  If your IDE is your ...

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OfficeFloor IntelliJ Plugin

OfficeFloor is now available to develop within IntelliJ. While the plugin was originally developed for Eclipse, we have now isolated the functionality into IDE agnostic bundle.   This means with a bridging implementation, it is possible to port the OfficeFloor plugin to other IDEs. However, for now we are content with Eclipse and IntelliJ for OfficeFloor development. Though if you would ...

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Memory Efficient: Eclipse vs IntelliJ (Android Studio)

Eclipse and IntelliJ are the two competing IDEs in the industry. There are lot of passionate discussion going in the social media, forums to declare the winner in this race. We thought it would be a fun exercise to study which IDE utilizes memory efficiently? Study To conduct this study, we used Eclipse Java EE Oxygen Release Milestone 2(4.7.0 M2) and ...

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The Best Java IDE

In this post, we will check the The Best Java IDE for desktop, web and mobile Java integrated development environments. There are free Java IDEs available for design, development, and testing of desktop, mobile and web applications. Table Of Contents 1. Overview 2. The Best Java IDEs 2.1. Desktop Development 2.2. Web Development 2.3. Mobile Development 3. Summary   1. ...

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