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Setting Up HAProxy for a SaaS Application

At Shopblocks, each customer receives several temporary subdomains so that they can access their website, admin system, and static assets. Part of the challenge of building Shopblocks was in providing all customers, by default, an SSL certificate. During our prelaunch stage, our system was based heavily on Apache Virtual Hosts, with each customer getting their own Virtual Host file. This ...

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Using HAProxy as a reverse proxy for AWS microservices

Amazon’s EC2 micro instances offer a very affordable option for hosting a Docker-based micro-services architecture. Each micro instance can host several Docker containers.  For example, you may have a simple Node.js-based web application that you would like exposed as subdomain1.myhost.com and another Java/Tomcat webapp surfaced at subdomain2.myhost.com. Each could be hosted through a separate (and perhaps clustered) Docker container, with ...

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HAPROXY up and running in couple of minutes

I tried HAPROXY for my WEBAPP (Hosted on tomcat) -reason for using HAPROXY is that it also supports WEBSOCKETS and my current project uses websockets for server push. As first step, I tested it with bare bone web application -wow, it’s just so easy, without any hiccups it was up and working in ~30 minutes. I used Linux box as ...

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