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Breaking the Rules with Blockchain

What does trust mean? Should I trust you or not? What if I cannot trust you? Who owns my data? Should I trust the entity which holds my data? These are the questions that should be answered. Trust is defined as to believe that someone is good and honest and will not harm you, or that something is safe and reliable at Cambridge dictionary [1]. ...

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Open Source Revolution and Blockchain

Open source software is everywhere in your daily life. You may or not realise it but you use it when you use your smartphone, purchase something from a shop or even in your car. According to a survey, 98 percent of enterprises use open source [1]. What does open source software mean? Open source doesn’t just mean access to the ...

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Ethereum Hello World Example using solc and web3

I’ve been trying to find an Ethereum Hello World example and came across Thomas Conté’s excellent post that shows how to compile and deploy an Ethereum smart contract with solc and web3. In the latest version of web3 the API has changed to be based on promises so I decided to translate Thomas’ example. Let’s get started. Install npm libraries ...

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Set up private blockchain with Ethereum (part 2)

In my previous post I set up a network of two nodes running a private blockchain. In this post I use it to create accounts, mine some ether and browse the blockchain with the Mist browser on my Mac. First I make sure the nodes are up and running. Then I go to the ‘geth’ console that runs on node1. ...

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Set up private blockchain with Ethereum (part 1)

I don’t think it needs introduction about the current hype that is going on with Blockchain, bitcoin, Ethereum and other initiatives. To get more feeling about what it is and how it works I decided to have a go with Ethereum as it promises to be a possible disruptive solution for lots of different use cases. Without going into the ...

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