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Apache Payara: Let’s Encrypt


Some time ago, I wrote a small tutorial on how you can generate Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates and install them on your Glassfish Java EE Platform. That trick worked wonders for me but having to manually renew and reinstall the certificates every three months became quite annoying. I did a little research and, same as the first tutorial, this one ...

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In encryption we trust! A tutorial

Many people view encryption as a complicated subject, something difficult to understand. And certain aspects of its implementation can be, but everyone can understand how it works on a higher level. This is what I want to do with this article. Explain in simple terms how it works and then play around with some code. Yes, in encryption we trust. ...

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Protecting Sensitive Data

If you are building a service that stores sensitive data, your number one concern should be how to protect it. What IS sensitive data? There are some obvious examples, like medical data or bank account data. But would you consider a dating site database as sensitive data? Based on a recent leaks of a big dating site I’d say yes. ...

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Encryption is not Binary

If you ask someone if they require encryption on their device, first of all, you will likely get one of two answers – yes or no – useful for segmenting your market or developing persona. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a better answer – “you’re asking the wrong question!”           Be Outside-In, Not Inside-Out Inside-out thinking is taking ...

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Secure Encryption in Java

Last time I wrote about cryptography, I outlined Apache Shiro crypto API and shown how to use its two symmetric ciphers. I also wrote that “You do not need more to encrypt and decrypt sensitive data in your applications.” I learned more about cryptography and found out that you need to know more. What I wrote is true to some ...

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