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[New Webinar] Static vs. Dynamic Analysis: Two Foolproof ways to Ensure Your Code is Production-Ready

Join us for the webinar on Thursday, April 2nd at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET The stakes have never been higher for unexpected downtime. One critical error in production can translate to millions lost in revenue, brand loyalty and developer productivity. To combat this reality, more organizations are investing in shift left strategies, enhancing their testing processes and ...

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[FREE EBOOK] Delivering Bulletproof Enterprise Software – The Ultimate Guide

The Complete Guide to Delivering Reliable Software in the Enterprise. With new Agile dev flows and accelerated software delivery, teams need to ensure rapid code changes don’t impact customer experience. To help organizations better manage the balancing act between agility and reliability, we’ve developed the Continuous Reliability Maturity Model. Using this framework, organizations can: Identify strengths and gaps in their ...

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Role of Automation Testing in CI CD Pipeline

The industry widely adopted software development practices: Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment ensure delivering the product well and delivering often. Regular code commits require regular/continuous testing and was it to be neglected can lead to a non-resilient infrastructure. How to deliver a sturdy CI CD pipeline? It is a question for many companies unless they approach DevOps consulting. And even ...

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16 Best Practices Of CI/CD Pipeline To Speed Test Automation

Every software project involves some kind of ‘processes’ & ‘practices’ for successful execution & deployment of the project. As the size & scale of the project increases, the degree of complications also increases in an exponential manner. The leadership team should make every possible effort to develop, test, and release the software in a manner so that the release is ...

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APIGEE: CI/CD Pipeline for API Proxies


In this article we will see how to create CI/CD pipeline for APIGEE API proxies. I have referred couple of articles on APIGEE community on the same topic. Those gave some idea on how to setup CI/CD pipeline for API proxies. Here are the tools which I have used to setup CI/CD. JenkinsNodeJsapigeelintnewmanAPIGEE Management APIs Make sure that you have ...

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Feature Releases are the Future and They Require CI, CD and Feature Flags

Let’s talk today about the future of software development, and about a move from releasing software to releasing features. But in order to talk about that future, let’s first take a wince-inducing trip down memory lane. Pre-continuous anything: Releasing software once in a blue moon If you’ve been around the software industry long enough, you’ll remember some things that would ...

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How to Measure the Reliability of Your Software Throughout the CI/CD Workflow

Overcome the challenge of maintaining code quality in a CI/CD workflow with Continuous Reliability CI/CD practices encourage frequent code integration in development, speed up preparations for new releases and automate deployments. And with this new tooling, these parts of the software development lifecycle have all improved and accelerated. At the same time, the data that we use to evaluate the ...

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