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OverOps combines static and dynamic code analysis to capture unique, code-aware insight about every error and exception in your applications––both caught and uncaught––in any environment, including production. This deep visibility into the functional quality of applications and services helps developer and operations teams more effectively troubleshoot root cause, build metrics dashboards, implement continuous reliability and enhance the entire software delivery supply chain.

[FREE EBOOK] Delivering Bulletproof Enterprise Software – The Ultimate Guide

1- Enterprise

The Complete Guide to Delivering Reliable Software in the Enterprise.

2- Enterprise

With new Agile dev flows and accelerated software delivery, teams need to ensure rapid code changes don’t impact customer experience.

To help organizations better manage the balancing act between agility and reliability, we’ve developed the Continuous Reliability Maturity Model.

Using this framework, organizations can:

  • Identify strengths and gaps in their reliability strategy.
  • Prioritize and address their biggest challenges.
  • Understand which processes and tools they need to invest in.
  • Remove engineering roadblocks that hinder productivity and hurt customer experience.
  • Secure executive buy-in for reliability initiatives.
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