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Apache Camel 3.7 (LTS) Released – The fastest Camel ever

The Apache Camel 3.7 was released some days ago. This is a LTS release which means we will provide patch releases for one year. The next planned LTS release is 3.10 scheduled towards summer 2021. So what’s in this release This release introduces a set of new features and noticeable improvements that we will cover in this blog post. Pre ...

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Apache Camel 3.7 – Compiled Simple Language (Part 6)

I have previously blogged about the optimizations we are doing in the Apache Camel core. The first 3 blogs (part1, part2, part3) were a while back leading up to the 3.4 LTS release. We have done more work (part4, part5) and this (part 6) that will be included in the next Camel 3.7 LTS release (to be released this month).  This time we ...

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Apache Camel K 1.0 is here – Why should you care

Yesterday we released Apache Camel K 1.0 and it was announced on social media and on the Camel website. So what is Camel K and why should you care? That is a great question and I want to help answer this by referring to great minds. Hugo Guerrero posted the following tweet   That is a powerful statement from Hugo, ...

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Apache Camel 3.1 – Fast loading of XML routes

A feature that was added to Camel 3.1 is the ability to load XML routes much faster. This is part of the overall work we are doing on making Camel much smaller and faster. You may say ewww XML. But frankly there are many users of Camel that have built applications with XML for defining routes. In Camel 2.x then ...

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Apache Camel 3.2 – Reflection free configuration of Camel

At the Apache Camel project we are working towards the next upcoming Apache Camel 3.2.0 release, which is planned for next month. One of the ares we have worked hard on in Camel 3 is to make it smaller and faster. And one aspect of this is also configuration management. You can fully configure Camel in many ways and according ...

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