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Apache Camel 3 is only 2 months away

The Camel team is busy working on the last set of work forApache Camel 3. Today the 2nd release candidate was built and published on a staging repository for early adapters to give it a try. As I am busy myself then I just wanted to write a short blog post to keep the community posted that Apache Camel 3 ...

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Short Apache Camel K

You may have seen the work we are doing in the Apache Camel community around Camel K. Nicola introduced Camel K on his blog a half year ago, with the words Just few months ago, we were discussing about a new project that we could start as part of Apache Camel. A project with the potential to change the way ...

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Work on Apache Camel 3 has finally started

We are starting the work on Apache Camel 3. We are working at multiple levels to improve Camel and introduce new features. The first work has actually started by Guillaume Nodet in the start of October, where he jump started by cleaning up the codebase, removed deprecated code and components, improving the routing engine and other internals in the core. His work ...

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Apache Camel 2.23 released

Yesterday Apache Camel 2.23 was released which most noteworthy new feature is support for Spring Boot 2.1, where we also improved the starter components to include more metadata and more optimized for the improved Spring Boot auto configuration. This release is mainly a big bug fix release and some other minor new features. One of these features is to allow for ...

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Apache Camel 2.22 Released with Spring Boot 2 support

Today we released the latest Apache Camel 2.22.0 release which is the first release to officially fully support Spring Boot 2. This is a major effort as the Spring Boot v1 to v2 upgrade for a big framework like Apache Camel took some effort – so many thanks to the Camel team and the contributions. The support for Spring Boot ...

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Apache Camel 2.21 Released – Whats New

We have just released Apache Camel 2.21 and I will in this blog highlight the noteworthy changes.                       This release do NOT support Spring Boot 2. Support for Spring Boot 2 will come in Camel 2.22, which we plan to release before summer 2018.   1) Working with large JMS ...

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Spring boot and Apache Camel

As the world of software moves on, more complex systems are being developed, which have to integrate with each other. It started with SOA and it continues with microservices. Camel is the number one integration tool that comes to my mind since nowadays spring boot with camel is a very strong combination.               The ...

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OpenHub Framework – Next Interesting Features


This is the third article from the series about OpenHub framework – the first introduced OpenHub framework and the second presented asynchronous messaging model. This last article from the series will introduce some other interesting features in more detail and it will show the reasons why OpenHub can be a good choice for your integration project. Throttling Throttling is a functionality that checks ...

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