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Tools For Software Engineering Teams

The effect of poorly performing web applications echoes across various parts of the business. The more breakage there is, the more busy support teams get. There is less traction, and product teams are puzzled about user retention. Engineers are inundated with bug-fixes, leaving no time for feature development. Business stakeholders receive no insight into performance improvements. Engineering managers cannot clearly ...

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Microservices Development with Scala, Spray, MongoDB, Docker and Ansible

This article tries to provide one possible approach to building microservices. We’ll use Scala as programming language. API will be RESTful JSON provided by Spray and Akka. MongoDB will be used as database. Once everything is done we’ll pack it all into a Docker container. Vagrant with Ansible will take care of our environment and configuration management needs. We’ll do ...

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Continuous Deployment: Implementation with Ansible and Docker

This article is part of the Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment series. The previous article described several ways to implement Continuous Deployment. Specifically, it described, among other things, how to implement it using Docker to deploy applications as containers and nginx for reverse proxy necessary for successful utilization of blue-green deployment technique. All that was running on top of CoreOS, ...

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