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Toil Arising From Alerting

Rising toil is a worry for all DevOps teams. The reasons from where toil arises are numerous. This makes it a very difficult problem to tackle, and nearly impossible to eliminate completely. Therefore the best strategy that teams have to tackle toil is to minimize them as much as possible. In this post, we go over some of the basics ...

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Tools For Software Engineering Teams

The effect of poorly performing web applications echoes across various parts of the business. The more breakage there is, the more busy support teams get. There is less traction, and product teams are puzzled about user retention. Engineers are inundated with bug-fixes, leaving no time for feature development. Business stakeholders receive no insight into performance improvements. Engineering managers cannot clearly ...

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An Engineer’s Guide To SLA, SLO, and SLI

Engineers want software systems to be massive, yet be agile, to perform at the highest class, and to not compromise on security. They want software with the ability to scale, be simple in design, easy to develop and maintain. What they don’t want are more acronyms. SLA stands for Service Level Agreement. SLAs typically span the business domain. They are ...

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Real-user Monitoring in a DevOps Toolchain

One of the current trends in software development is a strong push towards DevOps. As a concept, DevOps has been spoken about for nearly ten years. Teams, big and small, old and new, are rapidly evolving to incorporate a mature DevOps process. The general benefits from this are frequent deployments, reduced complexity, and more stable operating environments. In simple terms, ...

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