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Decision Time: How Decision Rules Help You Make Better Product Decisions

As product managers and product owners, we make a myriad of decisions—from shaping the product strategy and determining the product roadmap to deciding the detailed functionality of our products. But do we make all these decisions effectively? And do we always secure the necessary buy-in? This post helps you make better decisions. It discusses five common decision rules and explains ...

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Keras, Theano and TensorFlow on Windows and Linux

Tools for Deep Learning development To start playing with Deep Learning one have to pick a proper tool for it. Python ecosystem tools for Deep Learning such as Keras, Theano and TensorFlow are easy to install and start development. Below follows a guide on how to install them on Windows and Linux operating systems. What are those Theano, TensorFlow and ...

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Kubernetes Monitoring with Heapster, InfluxDB and Grafana

Kubernetes provides detailed insights about resource usage in the cluster. This is enabled by using Heapster, cAdvisor, InfluxDB and Grafana. Heapster is installed as a cluster-wide pod. It gathers monitoring and events data for all pods on each node by talking to the Kubelet. Kubelet itself fetches this data from cAdvisor. This data is persisted in InfluxDB and then visualized using Grafana.       ...

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AWS Lambda/Java, DynamoDB and Api gateway integration

Introduction In this post I am going through a full (Java) example of integrating AWS Lambda, DynamoDb and Api Gateway to create a function and expose this function as a HTTP resource for other parties to consume. Before we dive into the details I will give a brief overview of the AWS services used in this example (as taken from ...

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Why should you care about equals and hashcode

Equals and hash code are fundamental elements of every Java object. Their correctness and performance are crucial for your applications. However often we see how even experienced programmers are ignoring this part of class development. In this post, I will go through some common mistakes and issues related to those two very basic methods. Contract What is crucial about mentioned ...

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Is it just about being the best coder?

Having worked in the software development industry for nearly a decade, I wanted to take a step back and look back on the journey so far. When I initially began my career, for me, it was about getting on board with the latest technological trends, learning new things I was interested in, experimenting with it and just learning everything I ...

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Tutorial: Build an Android Application with Secure User Authentication

Building Identity Management, including authentication and authorization? Try Stormpath! Our REST API and robust Java SDK support can eliminate your security risk and can be implemented in minutes. Sign up, and never build auth again! In this tutorial, we will build a simple Android app that stores user generated notes remotely, with user authentication managed by Stormpath and our new ...

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