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Apache Camel 2.18 – Highlights of what is coming

The Camel riders are busy working on the upcoming Apache Camel 2.18 release. As we update the release notes on the fly, its a way of quickly looking at what is coming. I just wanted to do a quick update here in the summer what we have done so far with the highlights in short form. More elaborate details to come when ...

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What is a Digital Product?

As product managers and product owners, the products we look after are fundamental to our work: they shape our day-to-day activities and determine our responsibilities. We create a product strategy and product roadmap; we manage the product backlog and use minimum viable products and product increments. But what is a product? While this seems a trivial question, I have met ...

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SQL Query on Mixed Schema Data Using Apache Drill

You may have heard this statement before:      Apache Drill does schema discovery on-the-fly. What does that mean, and why should it matter to you? The power of SQL for business analytics is a given, but the challenge in big data settings is that SQL is normally a static language that assumes pre-defined, fixed and well-known schema. SQL also needs flat ...

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The Case for and Against Estimates, Part 5

If you’ve been following the conversation, I discussed in Part 1 how I like agile roadmaps and gross estimation and/or targets for projects and programs. In Part 2, I discussed when estimates might not be useful. In Part 3, I discussed how estimates can be useful. In Part 4, I discussed #noestimates.  Let me summarize my thinking and what I ...

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Management – what are we left with?

Over the last four month I have written a dozen blogs concerning management of software development. I will write more, but I’d also like to draw a line under this mini-series write now – there are other things I want to blog about. Management in and of software development is an important topic, simply abolishing it is simplistic. Although as ...

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Java 8: Converting Anonymous Classes to Lambda Expressions

Refactoring anonymous classes (that implement one single method) to lambda expressions, makes your code more succint and readable. For example, here’s an anonymous class for a Runnable and its lambda equivalent: // using an anonymous class Runnable r = new Runnable() { @Override public void run() { System.out.println("Hello"); } }; // using a lambda expression Runnable r2 = () -> ...

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Microservices fault and latency tolerance using Netflix Hystrix

Recently in one of my project I got a requirement to execute a fallback call for a failing webservice call. To implement the same I was looking for some implementation of circuit breaker pattern and finally came across Netflix Hystrix library which I found is the best suited library as per our application. In this post I tried to showcase a ...

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Scala notes – Futures – 3 (Combinators and Async)

In the previous parts of this post, we discussed about Futures and Promises. In this last part, we’ll compose Futures using its powerful combinators. Composing Futures : In the first post, we saw how to extract a value from Future using onComplete, foreach and in testcases using Await.result. Extracting a value from a single Future is good but many a ...

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The name should express the intention

This time I will start with a code sample. Take a look at this: if (code.isComplexOrUnreadable()) { refactor(code); } Can you tell me what is wrong with this code? No? Let me ask you another question then. How do you think the implementation of isComplexOrUnreadable() method looks like? I assume that many of you would imagine something similar to this: ...

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