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Spring Cloud Ribbon – Making a secured call


Something simple, but I struggled with this recently – I had to make a Netflix Ribbon based client call to a secured remote service. It turns out there are two ways to do this using Netflix Ribbon, I will demonstrate this through Spring Cloud’s excellent support for Ribbon library. In two previous blog posts I have touched on Spring Cloud ...

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Bet Super Bowl 50 Like A Boss with Apache Spark


This time, it’s personal. Super Bowl 50 is being played at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara – within sight of many of the world’s most innovative technology companies, including MapR. It’s the Silicon Valley Super Bowl* so it only makes sense that this will be the most over-analyzed event in history (at least until the next big game). Big events ...

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JavaFX: TouchGesture Memory Leak?


In one of my projects I was fighting with a memory leak the last couple of days (yes … “couple”) and I came to the conclusion that there might be an issue related to touch / scroll gestures. In the sample below I have two buttons. The first one creates a list view with one thousand rows, the second one ...

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Creating a proxy object using cglib


In the previous post I was talking about the standard Java based proxy objects. These can be used when you want to have a method invocation handler on an object that implements an interface. The Java reflection proxy creation demands that you have an object that implements the interface. The object we want to proxy is out of our hand, ...

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Exception Handling in Spring RESTful Web Service


1. Introduction We might have been across some of the several ways by which we can handle exceptions in a RESTful web service application in Spring. In this article, we will try to explore the best approach we can take to achieve efficient exception handling. 2. Problem Statement Let’s create a simple application that will identify the employee name in the ...

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Transitioning from MySQL to Cassandra at Chaordic


Ivan Linhares is an Engineering Manager at Chaordic. He has been working as a lead engineer and software developer for more than fifteen years. He is passionate for developing great teams and solving challenging technical problems. At Chaordic, he leads the Data Platform team in scaling its personalization solution for the e-commerce sector. Chaordic is the leader in big data ...

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The staffing pyramid


When I see development teams I expect to see more programmers than requirements people (BAs, Product Managers, etc.), and I expect to see even fewer management types. Think of it like a staffing pyramid structure:                 Programmers (and often testers) should form the largest group, without programmers there is no software, and while ...

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Dockerizing Spring Boot Application


Docker here, Docker there, I see Dockers everywhere In this post I will describe process of migrating Spring Boot application to Docker. We will start with modifying build file, then we will create Dockerfile so it could be run locally. Finally we will publish our image in DockerHub. Introduction A few months ago I have started new personal project called ...

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How to Pattern-Match Files and Display Adjacent Lines in Java


Recently, we’ve published our article about the awesome window function support in jOOλ 0.9.9, which I believe is some of the best additions to the library that we’ve ever done. Today, we’ll look into an awesome application of window functions in a use-case that is inspired by this Stack Overflow question Sean Nguyen: How to get lines before and after ...

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