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The Complete Web3 Programming Masterclass Bundle

8 Courses to Guide You Through Programming & Building Your Own Web Apps in No Time Hey fellow geeks, This week, on our JCG Deals store, we have another extreme offer. We are offering a massive 97% off on The Complete Web3 Programming Masterclass Bundle. Get it now with only $40 instead of the original price of $1600. The Complete ...

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How To Perform Modern Web Testing With TestCafe Using JavaScript And Selenium

Whether it is an application or web app, every software requires testing after development to ensure it does what we expect it to do. Software testing involves using manual or automated tools. Test automation tools are the best to use over manual tools because they increase software testing effectiveness, efficiency, and coverage. End-to-End testing (or E2E testing) is used to test ...

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Google Cloud Structured Logging for Java Applications


 One advice for logging that I have seen when targeting applications to cloud platforms is to simply write to Standard Out and platform takes care of sending it to the appropriate log sinks. This mostly works except when it doesn’t – it especially doesn’t when analyzing failure scenarios. Typically for Java applications this means looking through a stack trace and ...

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Workflows Tips #20: How to Manage Tables for Fast Short-Term Storage

Welcome to another Okta Workflows Tips post. Read all previous tips. This post is all about managing tables: When to use tablesImport data from a CSV file into a tableExporting and deleting all rowsShow/Hide columnsChange column order with drag and dropResizing columnsSorting by a columnFiltering by column valueDefault column valueCopy table Tables should be used as a fast cache/transitory place ...

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Which JVM Version is Fastest?

How is a high-performance, low-latency Java application affected by the JVM version used? Every nanosecond counts for trading and other applications where messages between two different threads are exchanged in about 250 ns! Read this article and find out which JDK variant comes out at the top! Benchmarks This article will use open-source Chronicle Queue to exchange 256-byte messages between ...

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Complete Guide To Spring Testing


Software testing is a non-negotiable aspect of the software development life cycle. Setting up and moving on with software testing might be a tedious task. You or your team may feel stuck devising a testing strategy or picking up a testing framework. However, the major roadblocks are either related to methodology or framework.This article revolves around how to perform testing of ...

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Getting Started With Cypress For Test Automation

If you are from the automation testing field, you will know that Selenium is one of the leading test automation frameworks in the market. However, as per my experience in test automation, other modern automation frameworks like Cypress are picking up pace. As per a report by Slintel, Cypress has close to a 2.61 percent share in the cross browser testing market. ...

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Java class loading – performance impact!

java.lang.ClassLoader#loadClass() API is used by 3rd party libraries, JDBC Drivers, frameworks, application servers to load a java class into the memory. Application developers don’t use this API frequently. However when they use the APIs such as ‘java.lang.Class.forName()’ or ‘org.springframework.util.ClassUtils.forName()’, they internally call this ‘java.lang.ClassLoader#loadClass()’ API. Frequent usage of this API amongst different threads at runtime can slow down your application performance. ...

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