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Henn works at OverOps, helping developers know when and why code breaks in production. She writes about Java, Scala and everything in between. Lover of gadgets, apps, technology and tea.

The Complete Guide to Java 12 New Features

6 months flew by so fast, and again, it’s time to take a closer look at the new JDK version that’s out. Let’s meet Java 12 and the features it’s introducing to developers. It’s a been a while since Oracle introduced its accelerated 6-month release cadence, and it’s getting harder to keep up with every version and the features they ...

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The Must Have Metrics Any DevOps and SRE Manager Should Measure

DevOps and SREs have dashboards to monitor services and product performance, and now it’s time for us to understand how to measure these teams’ performance as well. One significant challenge every company faces these days is measurement. There’s a need to understand what’s happening at every level inside the company and product, from how customers are using the application, through ...

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Stack Overflow Answers the Top Java Questions We Didn’t Know We Had

A collection of Stack Overflow questions that you shouldn’t miss out on: It’s no secret; we all use Stack Overflow. It holds the answers to life, the universe and pretty much everything code related. The platform provides a place for developers, engineers and others to find answers to an issue that they’re facing, or at least set them on the ...

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How Continuous Delivery Broke Your Application Reliability – and What You Need to Do to Fix It

More frequent deployments are great, but maintaining high-quality code while implementing them is a whole different story. Everyone is talking about moving towards an automated workflow, and there’s no wonder. We all want to deploy more features and capabilities to our products and applications, and we want to do it as quickly as we can. However, automation is not something ...

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The New Way of Handling Java Errors Before They Hit Production

How we realized the old way of solving errors in pre-production is not enough, and how we were able to change that There’s no such thing as perfect code on the first try, and we can all testify that we’ve learned that the hard way. It doesn’t matter how many test cycles, code reviews or tools we use, there’s always ...

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