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Java 8 Released! — Lambdas Tutorial

To celebrate the release of Java 8 which was released just minutes ago, I am publishing a draft version of my Java 8 Lambdas Tutorial.  It is a nice visual way to learn the Streams API, and will help you get started taking advantage of lambdas in your own applications from day 1.  This article is scheduled to appear in ...

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Oracle Propels JavaFX Forward by Enlisting Weaver and Chin

I put out an April Fools’ post yesterday about joining NASA to help with exploration of the big red planet. That post was not far from the truth… all the details about technologies developed by NASA were 100% accurate. Heck, even the fact that I quit my job was the truth! The only part that was not true was the ...

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JavaFX 2.0 and Scala, Like Milk and Cookies

JavaFX 2.0 and Scala are both great technologies individually, but work even better when used together. JavaFX 2.0 is a powerful rich client technology with advanced graphics, animation, and media capabilities. Scala is a simple, yet powerful language with advanced language features for writing domain-specific languages (DSLs). Add a little Scala UI DSL to your JavaFX 2.0 project and you ...

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JavaOne is Rebuilding Momentum

Just finished up an extremely busy week at JavaOne and there was a lot to like about this year’s event. There were plenty of surprise announcements, lots of good content/sessions, and a lot of improvements on the venue and organization. For folks who have been patiently waiting for me to publish all my talks, I apologize for the delay… giving ...

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