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Passionate software engineer interested in different programming languages, pragmatic approaches and performance boost practices.

Java Object to Object Mapper

I’ve been using Dozer some time on the project. But, recently I have got very interesting error which motivates me to look around and try to use other Object to Object mapper. Here is the list of tools I’ve found: Dozer: Dozer is a Java Bean to Java Bean mapper that recursively copies data from one object to another. Typically, ...

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Java PDF Libraries

Recently I had a task to select some Java PDF libraries for PDF generation. But it wasn’t a simple task. The first thing which came into my mind was iText. It’s well know Java library with good reputation. But… there is some stopper. iText version 5+ is released under the AGPL license. I.e. we have to pay money if we ...

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Internationalization vs Localization (i18n vs l10n)

I always had a trouble how to explain this subject to other people. That’s why I’ve decided to collect the main definitions (and explanations) of internationalization and localization in one place. W3C explain this concept pretty well: Internationalization is the design and development of a product, application or document content that enables easy localization for target audiences that vary in ...

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Jenkins hierarchical jobs and jobs status aggregation

As you probably know, Jenkins is highly configurable CI server. We can setup different custom build process. And I’m going to share some approach I’ve been using to setup the hierarchy of Jenkins’ jobs. Here is use case: We have one main entry job which is invoked to start the whole build process. This job can have from one to ...

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Jenkins enhancements without plugins

Jenkins is a popular open source continuous integration server. I use it heavily. Jenkins is super extensible CI server with huge plugins repository. But I must admit that there are a lot of cases when all these Jenkins plugin’s ‘zoo’ doesn’t help. What does it mean?: we need a tons of plugin to solve some non-trivial problem, too many plugins ...

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Github Gists in Eclipse

I’d like to describe simple steps regarding integrating GitHub Gists in Eclipse. There are several sources which provoke me to do this: GitHub Mylyn connector for Eclipse EGit/GitHub/User Guide http://eclipse.github.com I’ve been using Eclipse Java EE destibution, Mylyn plugin has been already installed there: 1. Install EGit plugin via Eclipse Marketplace: 2. Install GitHub Mylyn Connector via Eclipse Marketplace: 3. ...

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Maven Build Number Plugin – Sample Usage

Suppose we need to add a build number to some artifact (jar, war, etc.). Here I’d like to demonstrate the usage of buildnumber-maven-plugin. This post is based on: http://mojo.codehaus.org/buildnumber-maven-plugin/usage.html http://www.site.lalitbhatt.com/maven-build-number-plugin http://blog.peterlynch.ca/2009/11/buildnumber-maven-plugin-helpful.html http://apollo.ucalgary.ca/tlcprojectswiki/index.php/Public/Project_Versioning_-_Best_Practices#Build_Versioning We have some project and need to include into jar manifest file sequential build number which isn’t based on VCS (SVN, Git, Mercurial, etc.) revision number. Let’s create ...

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Java Code Quality Tools – Overview

Recently, I had a chance to present the subject at the local IT community meetup. Here is the basic presentation: Java Code Quality Tools    and more meaningful mind map: But, I think I need to cover this subject more deeply. This blog post should be something like start point for further investigation in this direction. 1. CodePro Analytix It’s ...

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