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Bug Tracking Made Easy With LambdaTest And Bugasura

Issue tracking is one of the critical aspects of the software development process. Having a robust bug management process improves overall product quality, reduces costs, improves ROI, and increases your team’s productivity.

Therefore, it’s important to select the right bug tracking tool. To make your bug management more effortless, we are pleased to announce our new integration with Bugasura – a simple and collaborative bug tracking platform for modern agile teams.

Integrating Bugasura with LambdaTest allows you to push a bug or task directly from the LambdaTest platform to your respective Bugasura instance while performing cross browser testing of your websites and web applications.

What is Bugasura?

Bugasura is a simple issue tracking and management tool that is simple, fast, and uses an agile approach to report, track and close issues.

It helps SaaS teams in various ways.

  • Track bugs for modern software applications and eliminate the hassle involved with traditional bug tracking software.
  • Avoid customer churn and fix issues faster.
  • Integrates with various third-party tools like Slack, GitHub, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Flexible pricing plans.
  • Automatic screenshot feature with video capture.
  • Has its own Chrome extension and an Android app.

Why use Bugasura for bug tracking and reporting?

Bugasura helps you automate test data and reporting while testing. It is available for web, mobile web, and native apps. Bugasura also comes with a Reporter App to quickly log bugs and issues to bug tracking platforms like Bugasura and Jira.

Here is why you should use Bugasura for bug tracking and reporting –

  • Growing organizations demand scalable solutions that expand as they grow. Bugasura offers flexibility to standardize work across teams and allows complete freedom to create their working methods.
  • It is created with the product, design, QA, dev teams, and customer in mind, which makes bug reporting an effortless task.
  • It offers greater efficiency in reporting issues during the software development phase and expedites the overall software development lifecycle.
  • Bugasura in-app analytics provides deeper insight into issue status and replicates them effectively.

LambdaTest integration with Bugasura

LambdaTest now integrates with Bugasura to help agile teams perform effortless one-click bug logging while testing their websites and applications. If you use Bugasura to keep track of your issues in a single place, then you will love this LambdaTest integration with Bugasura.

With this integration, you can directly push issues from the LambdaTest to Bugasura in a single click, right from the middle of a test session on the LambdaTest platform. You can create and share test execution results from the LambdaTest platform to the Bugasura instance.

By integrating LambdaTest with Bugasura, you can log issues, send them to a specific project, and collaborate with your team in real-time.

If you want to get started with Bugasura and LambdaTest integration, refer to our guide on Bugasura integration.

Summing up

Give the new LambdaTest integration with Bugasura a spin, and let us know your thoughts in the comment section or on LambdaTest Community. You can also try other LambdaTest Integrations with multiple third-party tools for CI/CD, project management, codeless automation, and more.

We are adding more third-party integrations to allow you to run seamless cross browser testing at a faster pace. If your favorite tool is missing, do let us know, and we’ll make that happen.

Till then, Happy testing! 🙂

Published on Java Code Geeks with permission by Salman Khan, partner at our JCG program. See the original article here: Bug Tracking Made Easy With LambdaTest And Bugasura

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