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Pareto Security Personal: One-Time Lifetime License

Keep Your Mac at It’s Best as This App Regularly Checks Across 23 Security Configurations

Hey fellow geeks,

This week, on our JCG Deals store, we have another extreme offer. We are offering a massive 29% off on Pareto Security Personal: One-Time Lifetime License. Get it now with only $12 instead of the original price of $17.

Pareto Security Personal: One-Time Lifetime License

Pareto Security is an app that regularly checks your Mac’s security configuration. It helps you take care of 20% of security tasks that prevent 80% of problems. Whether you forgot to enable FileVault disk encryption, turned off the Firewall, forgot to enable automatic login, and more, Pareto Security can prevent them all. It will regularly check for such security fails and remind you to take care of them.

Pareto Security Personal: One-Time Lifetime License offers

  • 23 Security Checks. Aimed at regular users, not security geeksAirDrop is secured
  • AirPlay receiver is off
  • App Store updates are automatic
  • Automatic login is off
  • Boot is secure
  • FileVault is on
  • Firewall is on and configured
  • Gatekeeper is on
  • macOS updates
  • See complete list of security checks here
  • Zero Hassle. Running automagically in the background. Snoozable
  • Transparent & Private. Open-sourced. Runs locally on your device
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