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Java, C#, Python, Redux & More! This 41-Hour Course Bundle Will Help You Get Started in the World of Coding, Programming, and App Development

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Xamarin: Build Native Cross Platform Apps with C# Codes

This is the most complete course that teaches you how to build Native Cross-Platform Apps with C# Codes. Xamarin is a framework that allows us to create native apps for Android, IOS, and Windows using a C# programming language; which means you only code once then the rest will be sorted as Xamarin will build your app for each platform. It is that simple. In this course, you will develop cross-platform apps with Xamarin Forms. You do not need to learn Java, Kotlin, Objective-C, Swift, or anything else. Just know C# (and maybe a little bit of CF# Object-Oriented Programming.)

This is a 9 course (422 lessons) bundle including the following lessons:

  • C# in 6 Hours: C# for Complete Beginners – Learn by Coding: Master the Most Popular Game Development Language
  • Xamarin: Build Native Cross Platform Apps with C# Codes: Use Your C# Skills, Learn to Build Native Mobile Apps with Xamarin for Android, iOS & Windows
  • React JS: Learn React JS from Scratch with Hands-On Projects: Start Learning from Scratch, Dive in React JS & Become a React Developer
  • Redux with React JS: Learn Redux with Modern React JS: Master Redux, React Router & Portals
  • React Native: Learn React Native with Hands-On Practices: Dive Deeper Into React Native & Use It to Build iOS and Android Apps
  • Java Programming: Learn Core Java & Improve Java Skills: Advance Your Java Skill Set with Hands-On Examples
  • Python: Learn Python with Real Python Hands-On Examples: Equip Yourself with a Range of Python Programming Skills
  • Mobile App Marketing: Learn App Monetization From Scratch: Monetize Your App & Create a Profit-Generating App Business
  • HTML for Everyone: Real World Coding in HTML: Learn Web Development & HTML Essentials from Scratch
Python Power Coder - Microsoft Azure

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