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Effortless Codeless Testing With LambdaTest & Tricentis Tosca

Testing has always been a key step in the product development cycle. A single flaw in the application can result in significant financial losses, making quality assurance testing critical for web applications, irrespective of the size of the software project. The software testing market is witnessing significant changes due to technological advancement and growth and the advent of DevOps and Agile. Software testing has evolved from manual testing to record-and playback, then automation testing, and finally codeless test automation.

As per a survey by Future Market Insights, the demand for codeless testing will rise at a 15.5 % CAGR (Compound annual growth rate) between 2021 and 2031, compared to a 10.6 % CAGR between 2016 and 2020.

Codeless testing tools provide profitable solutions for enterprises to cut test execution time and costs by allowing them to collaborate in testing, increasing product release velocity while improving application quality. That’s why we’ve now integrated with Tricentis Tosca to optimize your codeless testing workflow. This intelligent codeless automation tool accelerates testing with a script-less, no-code solution for automated testing. Please check our documentation on LambdaTest integration with Tricentis Tosca to leverage this integration.

What is Tricentis Tosca?

Tricentis Tosca is an automated testing solution for automating end-to-end testing of web products. Tricentis Tosca accelerates testing with a no-code, AI-based, scriptless solution to perform end-to-end automation testing.

Tosca enables robust test automation for any test case, supporting multiple technologies and enterprise applications. It incorporates several areas of software testing like test case creation, test automation, test data design, implementation, and analytics to test GUIs and APIs. As a result, Tricentis Tosca provides an excellent blend of performance and quality.

Why Use Tricentis Tosca?

Tricentis Tosca is used to perform both functional and regression testing. One of Tosca’s advantages is that it includes an application programming interface, graphical programming interface, command-line interface, and integrated test management features. It also supports several programming languages like Visual Basic, Java, and C#.

Some of the key benefits why you should use Tricentis Tosca are listed below.

  • It is a paid and licensed platform; it is always preceded by specialized rollout and implementation support.
  • It provides a variety of interfaces to work with, allowing it to be readily customized and maintained.
  • It also supports methodologies for ramping up the testing process.
  • Since it is typically owned by large organizations, making it a viable career option.
  • Tosca uses the concept of reusability. Therefore, it frequently reuses test data and artifacts.
  • It doesn’t require much coding. As a result, non-technical folks can quickly grasp it.
  • It includes a plethora of reporting options. For example, you can represent information like timing, graphs, and pie charts on the dashboard.
  • Its object libraries handle testing scripts. In Tosca, we can reuse existing components. The advantage of reusability is that it decreases the time and effort required to test a product.

LambdaTest Integration With Tricentis Tosca

LambdaTest now integrates with Tricentis Tosca to help you perform automated cross browser testing of websites and web apps using Tricentis Tosca on a cloud-based Selenium Grid. You can run Tricentis Tosca test cases across 3000+ real browsers and operating systems combinations by leveraging this integration.

To begin with, register on LambdaTest, configure LambdaTest authentication credentials using environment variables and download Tosca from the official Tosca website.

Integrating Tricentis Tosca with LambdaTest will cut short your overall manual testing efforts. In addition, you can also harness the immense capabilities offered by the LambdaTest automation platform while running the Tosca test cases. These include test logs, issue tracker, automation logs, network logs, performance reports, test analytics, share test analytics, and much more.

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All In All!

LambdaTest integration with Tricentis Tosca allows you to maximize the potential of automated cross browser testing across 3000+ browsers and operating systems with zero code. We hope this newest integration will extend your test coverage and add zing to your test automation workflow.

Give this new integration a spin and share your feedback on the LambdaTest Community. You can also leverage other LambdaTest integrations with your favorite tool for CI/CD, Bug Tracking, Project Management, Visual Regression, Codeless Automation, and more!

You can also drop your suggestions/queries at our chat support or mail us directly at

Happy Codeless Testing!

Published on Java Code Geeks with permission by Salman Khan, partner at our JCG program. See the original article here: Effortless Codeless Testing With LambdaTest & Tricentis Tosca

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