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Spring Boot – How to skip cache thyemeleaf template, js, css etc to bypass restarting the server everytime


The default template resolver registered by Spring Boot autoconfiguration for ThyemeLeaf is classpath based, meaning that it loads the templates and other static resources from the compiled resources i.e, /target/classes/**. To load the changes to the resources (HTML, js, CSS, etc), we can Restart the application every time- which is of course not a good idea!Recompile the resources using CTRL+F9 ...

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How Are Robotics Going to Change the Field of Automated Testing?

It’s quite staggering to think about just how much testing needs to be done across the world on a daily basis. It’s a natural consequence of the overwhelming pace of technological development, born of unprecedented scale and complexity — just consider how sophisticated the average smartphone is relative to a comparable item of just a decade ago, and how hard ...

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Angular 6 Reactive Forms Validation Example

Welcome readers, in this tutorial, we will learn the basic of Reactive Forms in angular and perform custom validations on the form. 1. Introduction In a web application, a form is a common approach that allows users to submit input and interact with the application. Frequently used for user login, information search, and feedback submission. The angular framework provides Template-driven ...

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All You Need To Know About Automation Testing Life Cycle

Nowadays, project managers and developers face the challenge of building applications with minimal resources and within an ever-shrinking schedule. No matter the developers have to do more with less, it is the responsibility of organizations to test the application adequately, quickly and thoroughly. Organizations are, therefore, moving to automation testing to accomplish this goal efficiently. When it comes to automation ...

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The Complete Guide to Java 12 New Features

6 months flew by so fast, and again, it’s time to take a closer look at the new JDK version that’s out. Let’s meet Java 12 and the features it’s introducing to developers. It’s a been a while since Oracle introduced its accelerated 6-month release cadence, and it’s getting harder to keep up with every version and the features they ...

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