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Complete Guide On TestNG Annotations For Selenium WebDriver

TestNG is a testing framework created by Cédric Beust and helps to cater a lot of our testing needs. It is widely used in Selenium. Wondering on what NG stands for? Well, it refers to ‘Next Generation’. TestNG is similar to Junit but is more powerful to it when it comes to controlling the execution flow of your program. As ...

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How to generate source code?

In this article, I will talk about the different phases of software development where the source code can be generated programmatically and I will compare the different approaches. I will also describe the architecture and the ideas (the kind of eureka moment) of a specific tool that generates code at a specific phase. Manually This is the answer to the ...

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Best Way to Learn Java Programming Online

1. Introduction Java is one of the most widely used programming languages. According to a recent report by Github, Java was ranked as the 2nd most used programming language after JavaScript. There is a very big list of topics that someone has to learn to master Java. The good thing is that you can find lots of content online. In ...

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Deploy a Spring Boot Application into Tomcat


“I love writing authentication and authorization code.” ~ No Java Developer Ever. Tired of building the same login screens over and over? Try the Okta API for hosted authentication, authorization, and multi-factor auth. Deploying applications is hard. Often you need console access to the server from which you pull the latest code and then manually instantiate into your container. In ...

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Hibernate Many To Many Tutorial

Introduction: In this tutorial, we’ll learn to define and use a many-to-many entity association using Hibernate @ManyToMany annotation. Context BuildUp: To follow along with this tutorial, let’s say we have two entities – Employee and Qualification: As we know, one employee can multiple qualifications. Also, there can be N number of employees with a specific qualification. It clearly means that the Employee and Qualificationentities share a Many-to-Many relationship. Maven Dependencies: In ...

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Using Spliterator In Java

Introduction: Iterators in Java are used to traverse elements of a given source. Spliterator in Java is one among the four available Java Iterators – Iterator, Enumeration, ListIterator, and Spliterator. It is an interface available in java.util package. Spliterator was first introduced in Java 8 to support parallel programming. However, we can use it for both sequential and parallel processing ...

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Top 5 NoSQL Database Programmers Should Learn in 2019

Though it’s not mandatory for a Java or Web developers to learn NoSQL database the world is moving in that direction and both Java and Web developer should be familiar with NoSQL databases. If you are wondering what is NoSQL database means then here is a quick overview. A NoSQL database refers to non SQL, non-relational or not only SQL) ...

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