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Polymorphic Input/Output Data

When developing any kind of code interface, whether it is an elegant object oriented package or one of those ugly “Service” classes that we are so accustomed to, it is obvious that it should be as extensible as possible and require as little maintenance as possible. This applies, of course, to the input and output parameters (returned types), especially if ...

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Eliminating Null Pointer Exceptions from your Java Applications

This post is a brief introduction to one of the most useful yet “un-glamorous” features of Java 8. Programmers have spent endless hours trying to rectify one of the most common errors yet the most dangerous – namely, Null Pointer Exceptions. Null pointer exceptions can cause unexpected outages in our applications, and are very difficult to detect up-front. On many ...

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Microservices for Java Developers: Security Testing and Scanning

1. Introduction This part of the tutorial, which is dedicated to the security testing, is going to wrap up the discussions around testing strategies proven to be invaluable in the world of software development (microservices included). Although the security aspects in the software projects become more and more important every single day, it is astonishing to consider how many companies ...

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Microservices Interview Questions and Answers

In this post we will take an overview of most important questions regarding the Microservices from basic to depth which will help you in cracking any difficult interview. So, there is no need to worry for your next interview test, because Java Code Geeks are here for you! Almost all the question and answer that may be requested are listed ...

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