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“Callable” vs “Runnable” Tasks in Java Concurrent Programming

When we write multi-threaded applications in Java, we are predisposed to implementing threaded classes by using the “Runnable” interface. Your class has to simply implement this interface and override the run method. For trivial use cases, we can directly start the thread by invoking the “start” method, and the flow of control is delegated to the run method as a ...

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Eliminating Null Pointer Exceptions from your Java Applications

This post is a brief introduction to one of the most useful yet “un-glamorous” features of Java 8. Programmers have spent endless hours trying to rectify one of the most common errors yet the most dangerous – namely, Null Pointer Exceptions. Null pointer exceptions can cause unexpected outages in our applications, and are very difficult to detect up-front. On many ...

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Telecommunications for Dummies – Telecom Basics and Introduction to BSS

Introduction This post is intended to be a crash course for beginners who wish to understand at a “broad level” how Business Support Subsystem components work in a telecom carrier’s network and more importantly how they connect to the telecom network elements over standard protocols. Hence, the text is more “conversational” in nature rather than completely “technical”. Elementary examples of ...

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Net Neutrality Simplified – Information super-highway analogy

A few months back, during an informal discussion with a colleague – the concept of net neutrality came along. During this discussion, a very interesting analogy was made with respect to the information super-highway. I am extending that analogy into a story-board, and which I feel would serve as a helpful tool to understand net neutrality. First we will review ...

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