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Advances in Machine Learning Are Revolutionizing the Mobile App Development Realm

Disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things has the potential to fall into the endless pit of buzzword-vagueness. The world is changing at a breathtaking pace. Within a blink of an eye, you will have missed yet another disruption, another tech-driven innovation. But instead of running away, it’s time to embrace it! The digital revolution has ...

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Agile Milestone Criteria for Projects and Programs

You’ve got interdependencies across the organization for a given project or program to release a product. You can see demos. That’s not the problem. You need enough insight or prediction to start the marketing campaign or to create training videos or product documentation. You need some kind of milestone criteria so you know you can complete the entire product. Milestone criteria ...

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Hot-deploying Java Enterprise with WAD & Docker

I’ve recorded a video how to minimize the development turnaround times with Watch and Deploy (WAD) by Adam Bien and Docker containers. The WAD tool watches for file changes and will re-build and re-deploy our applications to an auto-deployment directory. We’ll see how that approach can be integrated into containers that are created by the same Docker images that run ...

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Python strptime() Example

1. Introduction Consider the case when you have a string containing date information and you would need to extract the date information like the day, month, year, and so many other information. Imagine a string like “30-10-2019” and you realize that the first part is the day, followed by the month, then the year. Here is where the strptime() method ...

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