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4 Machine Learning and Ethical Hacking Courses to Boost your Career

The world around us is changing rapidly.

And as programmers, we need to stay up to date with the most recent developments.

Two of the most important trends that you need to be on top are Machine Learning and Ethical Hacking.

Machine learning refers to the part of computer science that “gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed”. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Ethical hacking refers to the efforts to penetrate a computer system or network on behalf of its owners for the purpose of finding security vulnerabilities that a malicious hacker could potentially exploit. That sounds even cooler!

For this reason, we have hand-picked and present you four amazing courses on Machine Learning and Ethical Hacking at deep discounts. Let’s see what we have!

1) The Complete Machine Learning Bundle ($39 780 95% off)

Master AI & Achieve the Impossible with 10 Courses & 63.5 Hours of Training in Machine Learning

Are you familiar with self-driving cars? Speech recognition technology? These things would not be possible without the help of Machine Learning–the study of pattern recognition and prediction within the field of computer science. This course is taught by Stanford-educated, Silicon Valley experts that have decades of direct experience under their belts. They will teach you, in the simplest way possible (and with major visual techniques), to put Machine Learning and Python into action. With these skills under your belt, your programming skills will take a whole new level of power.


2) The Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence Introductory Bundle ($39 480 91% off)

Companies Are Relying on Machines & Networks to Learn Faster Than Ever. Time to Catch Up.

Deep Learning is a set of powerful algorithms that are the force behind self-driving cars, image searching, voice recognition, and many, many more applications we consider decidedly “futuristic.” One of the central foundations of deep learning is linear regression; using probability theory to gain deeper insight into the “line of best fit.” This is the first step to building machines that, in effect, act like neurons in a neural network as they learn while they’re fed more information. In this course, you’ll start with the basics of building a linear regression module in Python, and progress into practical machine learning issues that will provide the foundations for an exploration of Deep Learning.


3) Pay What You Want: White Hat Hacker 2017 Bundle

These 63 Hours of Training in the Most Up To Date Security Tools & Practices Can Earn You a New Career

The world of ethical hacking and network security is constantly changing, which is what makes this course, specifically built with the most up to date information, so valuable. Whether you’re completely new to ethical hacking, or just want to hone your skills with the newest technologies, this course will get you right up to speed with this exciting and lucrative career path.


4) Become an Ethical Hacker Bonus Bundle ($49 681 92% off)

Fast Track Your Tech Career with This Best-Selling Ethical Hacking Bundle + Score an Extra 5.5 Bonus Hours of Instruction

You hear about it all the time: companies getting hacked, having their websites shut down or their customers’ data compromised. When that happens, it’s time to call in ethical hackers to break into network systems, evaluate their security, and propose solutions. After this course you’ll be well on your way to being one of these hackers, paid generously to hack networks, apps, emails, social media accounts, and more!


Ilias Tsagklis

Ilias is a software developer turned online entrepreneur. He is co-founder and Executive Editor at Java Code Geeks.
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