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JET Conference – Let’s Fly to Java World

Did you hear about JET conference? Probably no, why? It is the first time appearance of this event. And that’s the reason why organizers of JET are so inspired and motivated.

The real Java hardcore conference is based on 3 principles:

  1. Non-Stop Practice
  2. Experience Exchange
  3. Being a Part of Something Really Important

So if you agree with these principles and if you like Java platform and Java language, JET conference is the place where you can find it all.

There will be hourly sessions from professionals that instead of presentation mode prefer to use a window of favourite IDE.

So who are these guys who will drive the conference?

image001 Meet Bruce Eckel!

An author of bestsellers “Thinking in Java”, “Thinking in C++”; was a founding member of the ANSI/ISO C++. He is constantly involved in learning new languages, writing books about them, organizing conferences. He provides public and private training and consulting in programming languages and software system design.
image002 Do you remember Java Puzzlers by Joshua Bloch, Neal Gafter?

Here is Spring and Groovy Puzzlers from Evgeny Borisov and Baruch Sadogursky. Their topics are always in trend and stream of knowledge is infinite. Exactly these guys uncovered the big Java world to organizers of JET and made them so inspired.
image003 How about JavaOne Rockstar of previous year?

Rafael Winterhalter is going to visit Minsk with two talks. He will tell about way to manually compile to Java bytecode. Rafael won’t forget about the latest changes of Java platform. Yes, you are right, it is about invoke dynamic that saves functional-dynamic world.
image004 The next is going to be Adam Warski.

Adam doesn’t like slides. Or maybe likes… Anyway you won’t see them. Just code! This absolutely increases practical part of the talk to 100%.
image006 Also on JET you can meet 2 leaders of the neighbour conferences Alexey Fyodorov and Mikalai Alimenkou. Alexey is technology evangelist. He runs his own show interviewing the leading experts of IT industry. image005 And Mikalai is the fan of Agile practices. So with his talk organizers hope stop all debates on the topic about writing tests for database related code.

Dzmitry Vasin

Dzmitry is a software specialist and works on the backend side of a startup project with the main goal to gather people and give them better user experience. At the same time he is an organizer of the JET conference and pub-quiz for IT specialists - Geek Battle.
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