Software Development

Funny Bugs types

Incompatible classes

when you try to deserialize files generated with old code…


Wrong URL setting

when you put a wrong rest url in your property file and you receive no messages…

Too verbose xml messages

when SLAs are not met because your XML messages are too big wasting time in serialization and deserialization…

Production with no tests

when you go in production and you expect that everything will go fine even if you didn’t test all the possible paths…

Too many requests, site is down

when you go in production without never running stress tests before…

Threads bottleneck

when you spawn threads and you think it will be faster, but you forgot that synchronized method…

Threads interference

when you forgot to coordinate your threads…

Bug in an external library

when that external library that you choose is not behaving as expected…

Wrong usage of a library

when you tried to use a library without reading the documentation…


Reference: Funny Bugs types from our JCG partner Marco Castigliego at the Remove duplication and fix bad names blog.
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