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MEDIT Symposium Conference 2013

Starting this year, an exciting Software Development Conference, is planned in the heart of the Mediterranean, October 3-4, 2013. The event features two full conference days with multiple tracks, providing a community for learning, networking and tracking innovation in software development.

We believe that “Knowledge Empowers You” and MEDIT Symposium conference gives the opportunity to affordably attend up to thirty sessions on topics such as, Cloud Computing, Open Source and Mobile Development, which all developers and professionals in the software community are passionate about, while meeting like minded individuals and Speakers from across the industry.

The venue is is in the Castle of Milazzo, Sicily, which is not an ordinary venue, and has been selected for location, culture and food.

Sicily, the island of Archimedes of Syracuse, considered one of the leading scientists in classical antiquity, Castle of Milazzo that gives a blast from the past combined with the view of the splendor of the Aeolian Islands (UNESCO) and the local community that has an ancient and wise culinary tradition.

These are some of the ingredients that make the MEDIT, a unique conference of its kind, that gives to our Speakers and Attendees the perfect location and mind set to present, discuss and share.

The hospitality starts from the moment you land on the island where you will be greeted by members of MEDIT team upon arrival at the international airport of Catania to accompany you to the city, passing under the slopes of Etna, the tallest active volcano in Europe and land of Cyclopes, admiring Taormina, Strait of Messina and arriving at the final destination, the cape of Milazzo.

You may find more information at our website or follow us at twitter!

Maurizio Taverna

Maurizio is a software engineer with 15+ years of experience in software development for the banking industry. He is currently the CTO of Mylaensys ( a cloud computing consulting company and recently became a committer of the apache Isis project.
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