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Why are Enterprises looking at BigData?

The advent of the Social Collaboration, Online Selling, Digital Goods, Mobile means every enterprise wants to process the transactional and analytical data, that is being collected at multiple customer touch points. All this data need to be processed so that the enterprise can better understand the customer, his social network, his buying patterns and other things.

This has led to ever increasing amount of data, which is leading to the following issues within the enterprise

  • Business do not have access to the real time data feeds
  • Queries are running in hrs and minutes and not in seconds
  • The batch processes, ETL, data loads are taking too much of time
  • Ability to construct new models based on the data is time consuming
  • Scalability of systems with ever increasing data is becoming a problem
  • Data Storage/Redundancy is another problem
  • Increasing License cost of software/hardware is another issue

When Business looks and reads about how Facebook, Yahoo, Google etc are managing large amounts of data (BigData) and are able to process the same at real time, they want to adopt some of their systems and techniques.

The new systems/technologies that have been open sourced and are getting adopted rapidly by the enterprises are Hadoop and its various commercial versions (Cloudera, Hortonworks, GreenPlum). In addition, other commercial vendors have also jumped in with their specific BigData offerings – IBM has BigInsights, Oracle has Exalytics In-memory machine. The commercial vendors are trying to sell big machines – with more RAM and more CPU to be able to process more data.

But, the question is – are enterprises looking at to buy more hardware, software, acquire more licenses to process data or they want to solve the  issues.

I believe, the fundamental problem is speed of access to the data (FastData) which is a paramount requirement for the enterprise. BigData only promises to help solve the problem of large amounts of data but it still has a long way to go before it can fulfill rest of the enterprise needs.

Reference: Why are Enterprises looking at BigData? from our JCG partner Munish K Gupta at the Tech Spot blog.

Munish Gupta

Munish K Gupta is a senior architect working in a leading IT services company. His experience is in building Online Portals, SaaS Platforms, CRM Solutions and Transaction Processing Systems. He is author of the book - Akka Essentials.
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