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Alex Zhitnitsky
Alex is an engineer working with Takipi on a mission to help Java and Scala developers solve bugs in production and rid the world of buggy software. Passionate about all things tech, he is also the co-founder & lead of GDG Haifa, a local developer group. Alex holds a B.Sc from the Technion, Israel's Institute of Technology.

Jigsaw Delays Push Java 9 Launch Date to 2017


The Java 9 release date is postponed to 2017 because of delays in Project Jigsaw It might come to some as no surprise due to the long history of delays in the project, but looks like highly anticipated Project Jigsaw has been delayed. Again. The good news is that unlike last time with Java 8, it’s still on the roadmap ...

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5 Scala Puzzlers That Will Make Your Brain Hurt


Hunting for non-intuitive cases of exceptions and errors in Scala For this post we got in touch with Nermin Serifovic and Andrew Phillips who you might know from Scala Puzzlers. Together, we’ve selected a few questions to explore errors and exceptions in Scala. Some of the questions might seem weird at first, but it all makes sense when you dig down ...

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7 Slack Integrations Developers Should Use


How to customize Slack to enhance your development workflow using integrations and bots It certainly feels like Slack is gradually becoming the standard for modern office communication. While you may argue that technically Slack is no different than, say, IRC – the polished experience is what makes it stand out in the crowd of messaging services. Using less gentler words, ...

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5 Weird Java Questions That Will Make Your Head Spin


Some of the weirdest Java puzzlers that we had a chance to get our hands on Even the most experienced Java developers will find the questions in this post confusing. Or at the very least, amusing (And absolutely unfair). After our adventure with the Java Deathmatch we’ve decided to publish a different set of questions this time around, highlighting some ...

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Benchmarking Aurora vs MySQL: Is Amazon’s New DB Really 5x Faster?


Amazon Aurora: The next generation of hosted database services put to the test In this post we’re taking a closer look at Amazon Aurora to see how it fares against MySQL and if it delivers on the promise of a 5x performance boost. Recently reaching general availability, Aurora is Amazon’s home grown MySQL compatible database. Currently available on three AWS regions ...

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