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Distributed Quasar Actors with Kafka and ZeroMQ


So you’ve got a fancy design using actors, you’ve chosen the JVM and Quasar’s powerful, loyal take on the subject. All wise decisions, but then what are your options for distributing them on a cluster? Galaxy Galaxy is a really cool option: a fast in-memory data grid optimized for data locality with replication, optional persistence, a distributed actor registry and even ...

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How to configure and install ZeroMQ (libsodium) on CentOS 6.7?

When getting started on ZeroMQ (version 4.2.0 or above) can be quite challenging especially with all the prerequisites. I’ve spent a good two days to get the process ironed out. So I’m sharing this so that others can avoid the same pitfalls and can have a good head-start with setting up their environment. Pitfall #1 Develop for your platform. I’m ...

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