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I work as an Enterprise UI Architect for DataDirect Networks. I have been developing DirectMon, an Enterprise Monitoring and Management Solution for all of the DDN products. Before that I worked at DrFirst engineering an e-prescribing platform for controlled substances

Python Tips: On Getting Started, Unit Testing and Code Coverage

tl;dr Here is a collection of useful Python tips, a starter “Hello World” Python template for both web (using Flask) and stand-alone script. And additional tips in writing effective Python code, getting started, Unit Tests and using the Coverage tool to improve code. Getting Started – Introducing “Python Hello World” Template Sometimes when we need to get started in Python, ...

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How to configure and install ZeroMQ (libsodium) on CentOS 6.7?

When getting started on ZeroMQ (version 4.2.0 or above) can be quite challenging especially with all the prerequisites. I’ve spent a good two days to get the process ironed out. So I’m sharing this so that others can avoid the same pitfalls and can have a good head-start with setting up their environment. Pitfall #1 Develop for your platform. I’m ...

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