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I work as an Enterprise UI Architect for DataDirect Networks. I have been developing DirectMon, an Enterprise Monitoring and Management Solution for all of the DDN products. Before that I worked at DrFirst engineering an e-prescribing platform for controlled substances

Convert JSON file to YAML using JQ

What is this article about? When you are working on the web or with DevOps or GitOps, you will have cases where you want to transform a JSON file to YAML. This article walks you though converting the JSON document to YAML using the “jq” tool. Official YAML Spec Official JSON Spec JQ Tool (jq is like ‘sed’ for JSON ...

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Python Tips: On Getting Started, Unit Testing and Code Coverage

tl;dr Here is a collection of useful Python tips, a starter “Hello World” Python template for both web (using Flask) and stand-alone script. And additional tips in writing effective Python code, getting started, Unit Tests and using the Coverage tool to improve code. Getting Started – Introducing “Python Hello World” Template Sometimes when we need to get started in Python, ...

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How to configure and install ZeroMQ (libsodium) on CentOS 6.7?

When getting started on ZeroMQ (version 4.2.0 or above) can be quite challenging especially with all the prerequisites. I’ve spent a good two days to get the process ironed out. So I’m sharing this so that others can avoid the same pitfalls and can have a good head-start with setting up their environment. Pitfall #1 Develop for your platform. I’m ...

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