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3 Reasons Why Version Control is a Must for Every DevOps Team

Do you have any files on your computer called something like DocFinalFinalFinal1_2.pdf? If you do, then you probably already understand the basic value of version control. By saving each version as a new “final” version, rather than overwriting the previous final version, you can not only distinguish between different versions of the same document, but ensure that previous versions aren’t ...

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How to create new Git Repository and host it in Bitbucket

What is Git ? While working in a team which involves multiple developers,it is very much necessary to use a Version Control System. Version Control System is basically a Software using which – Multiple developers can put their code in(Check In). – Take (Check Out) the code of fellow Software developers. – See the version history of the files(Who committed ...

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Git Tutorial – The Ultimate Guide (PDF Download)

Git is, without any doubt, the most popular version control system. Ironically, there are other version control systems easier to learn and to use, but, despite that, Git is the favorite option for developers, which is quite clarifying about the powerfulness of Git. This guide will cover all the topics needed to know in order to use Git properly, from ...

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Taking over the Codebase, Solving the Spaghetti Crisis

We’ve all been there. Somebody asks if you can take a look at their website that has been stagnant for a while. Something small needs to be changed. You feel up for a challenge, so you dive in. What you find is a mess. It’s really nobody’s fault. Things evolved over time, different developers and designers have done their thing ...

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