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Swift for the Java Guy: Part 2 – The basics

In Part 1 of this series we looked at how to get Swift up and running. In this part we will look the Differences between Java and Swift at a language level by creating the Swift classes and comparing them to Java.  For this article we will go over the basic of class construction. Firstly; Whats the same. Both languages ...

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Example of using extensions in Swift

Recently I needed a image in my iOS app that was oscillating. I ran into an example of Swift code that showed how to do it and it was actually quite easy to do (for the theory behind the formula see this). The code makes use of the ‘extension’ feature in Swift. This is a really cool feature in Swift. ...

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Starting developing in Swift: Using GitLab with XCode

As showed in my previous post I have set up a GitLab account so I can host my Git repositories there. In this post I will show how you can combine XCode (v7.1) with GitFlow and GitLab. In fact I will end up to use both XCode (for programming) and the Terminal (for my GitFlow) but that is the same ...

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