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Building A Self-Sufficient Docker Cluster

A self-sufficient system is a system capable of healing and adaptation. Healing means that the cluster will always be in the designed state. As an example, if a replica of a service goes down, the system needs to bring it back up again. Adaptation, on the other hand, is about modifications of the desired state so that the system can ...

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Software Architectural Decision Making

A common question I get asked is “How do I make architectural decisions?” and my standard answer is “it depends”. While it’s a tongue in cheek answer, there is a bit of truth to it. While there are frameworks and methodologies to try and reign this problem in, the reality is that the practice of “software architecture” is inherently a ...

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The Patterns of the Antipatterns: Architecture

We have been always looking for the best ways to architect our applications and platforms so they are maintainable, extensible, observable, adaptable and easy to evolve (this is by no means a complete list of the properties we would like to have but the foundational ones). Layered architecture, component-based architecture, hexagonal architecture, microservice architecture (and many others) advocate to use ...

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Enterprise Architect Program for organization

From kick start to acceptance First seek to understand. Don’t do EA for EA’s sake. Really seek to understand what clients want. Do they need and EA program to solve something critical to business. That might mean much more than having meetings and workshops. Use your experience as a seasoned professional to understand the enterprise, business strategy, actual stakeholders, pain ...

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