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How to set up QA processes!

“QA is a bottleneck!” We often come across such a statement. I was working with a startup offering travel services. They never had a QA process before I joined, and they wanted me to set up one soon. While talking to the CTO, I learned that the application was growing as fast as the massive user base. So app crashes ...

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Selenium IDE: What Is It? & Why Is It Must For Every QA?

Earlier testers would often refrain from using record and replay tools like Selenium IDE for automation testing and would rather opt for using scripting frameworks like Selenium Webdriver, WebDriverIO, Cypress, etc. After all, why wouldn’t they, these tools have proved to be more effective and gave much more control over tests! Even though Selenium IDE offered ease of usage, it ...

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Better QA: Learning from unit testing standards

“Unit Testing” is a tricky affair. I am pretty sure that testers at some point in time would have complained about the developer not doing unit testing properly and delivered a poor quality build. On the other hand, developers find it difficult to create and maintain unit test cases along with maintaining the agility of the system. Whatsoever, there is ...

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5 Software Testing Strategies to Uplift Business Growth

The immense popularity of SaaS products in the market has been an important factor in the surge of start-ups delving into the software industry. However, when it comes to developing and putting a software product on the market, just a simple idea is not enough. There are just as many failed software products in the market as similar offerings are ...

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The Modern Developer, Part 4: Code Review and Quality Assurance

As a software developer, your job isn’t just to write code. It’s to deliver quality solutions to complex problems.  Is the code you’ve written high quality, allowing the software to do the job it is supposed to? When the software encounters an error, does it handle it gracefully? Is the software secure and performant enough? There are two processes that ...

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How Professional QA Implements A Robust CI/CD Pipeline?


The obsolete conventional methods of software developments were not taking over the escalated market trends, and those methods lacked solutions for the increased demand of quick software release that introduced the “Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD)”. Along with CI/CD, you need to have that kind of technical capability where developers adapt to the shortened delivery cycles and automation ...

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3 Features To Look For in a Codeless Automation Testing Tool

In this post, we feature a comprehensive article on 3 Features To Look For in a Codeless Automation Testing Tool. Codeless Automation Testing Tools With the growing need to keep up with faster release cycles, QA teams have turned to codeless automation tools to speed up the test automation process. When implemented successfully, testers can ensure that their work is ...

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7 Bad Habits to Avoid as a QA Engineer

Most people would agree that software quality is important. We have seen the results of buggy software in all kinds of situations: from Mars probes malfunctioning and chemotherapy machines administering lethal doses of radiation, to telecommunications systems experiencing a cascade failure. It would seem logical to assume that software testers would be much-valued members of a development team. Yet sadly, ...

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