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Provocateurs Gather the Best Requirements

Ask someone what they want, and they’ll tell you they want a faster horse. Provoke them, and they’ll tell you they have a ‘get there faster’ problem, an ‘equine waste disposal’ problem, and issues with total cost of ownership. Thought Provoking If your requirements elicitation session looks like the photo above, you’re doing it wrong. However, just asking people what ...

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Don’t Prioritize Features!

Estimating the “value” of features is a waste of time. I was in a JAD session once where people argued about if the annoying beeping (audible on the conference line) was a smoke alarm or a fire alarm. Yes, you can get to an answer, but so what?! The important thing is to solve the problem. Solutions Versus Features Everyone ...

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Product Management Slowing You Down?

Does product management slow down your company? What Causes Your Business to Be Slow? Paul Young put out the call for the third annual You Might Be A Product Manager… list. If you are spending your holiday wondering if Jason Calacanis is right, and product management is actually preventing your company from being successful, you might be a product manager. ...

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A Prototype is Worth a Thousand Lines of Code

A picture is worth a thousand words. A prototype is worth a thousand lines of code. Two key elements of product management – and of agile development are elicitation and feedback. Low fidelity artifacts can significantly improve both. Polished, codified prototypes can create problems that prevent you from getting the benefits of communication. Prototyping Anti-Pattern David Bernstein has three good ...

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Product Manager – Strategic or Not?

Are product managers really involved in strategic discussions, or are we just order takers? Adrienne Tan has poked the beehive and started a great discussion with this article. Joining in from here, hopefully adding folks to the conversation. Check it out, and chime in here or on the brainmates blog. Product Managers Taking Orders Adrienne kicks off the discussion with ...

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