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Why is it Important to Test Your Mobile Apps on Different Devices?

The Technology involved in mobile devices is changing rapidly. Mobile phones have literally personalized the choices in our lives, experts forecast that the future devices will enable us to get much done without moving an inch or a finger. The rapid growth of the app industry and the various apps that are being released on a daily basis are making ...

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Consumer Experience and its importance in App Testing

Growing up in the twentieth century, I’m sure we have all witnessed our parents and grandparents taking us to do the daily chores. Be it going to the same barber to cut our hair, or going to the same tailor to stitch our clothes, or the same grocery store that they have been going to for ages. This is mostly ...

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How To Debug Websites On Android With Different Browsers?

We all know that a lot of web traffic worldwide came from mobile devices these days. But have you ever wondered exactly what percentage of it is coming from mobile? Well, mobile devices account for around 50% of the web traffic, which is continually increasing. This is why having a mobile-first approach in 2020 is not just a suggestion. It ...

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