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Extending JUnit 5

A look into the past With JUnit 4 we have the option to run test with a custom JUnit runner (indicated by the @RunWith annotation). This allows us to modify the way tests are executed with JUnit. However, JUnit runners are not that easy to implement. They also suffer on the major limitation that only one runner can be used ...

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Microservices in Publish-Subscribe communication using Apache Kafka as a Messaging Systems and validated through Integration Test

Publish-Subscribe Messaging systems play an important role in any enterprise architecture as it enables reliable integration without tightly coupling the applications. The ability to share data between decoupled systems is not a problem that is easily tackled. Consider an enterprise with multiple applications that are being built independently, with different languages and platforms. It needs to share data and processes ...

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JUnit 5 and Selenium – Using Selenium built-in `PageFactory` to implement Page Object Pattern

Selenium is a set of tools and libraries supporting browser automation and it is mainly used for web applications testing. One of the Selenium’s components is a Selenium WebDriver that provides client library, the JSON wire protocol (protocol to communicate with the browser drivers) and browser drivers. One of the main advantages of Selenium WebDriver is that it supported by ...

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Spring Boot testing with JUnit 5

JUnit 5 (JUnit Jupiter) is around for quite some time already and it is equipped with tons of features. But surprisingly JUnit 5 it is not a default test library dependency when it comes to the Spring Boot Test Starter: it is still JUnit 4.12, released back in 2014. If you consider using JUnit 5 in you next Spring Boot ...

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Seven Testing Sins and How To Avoid Them

Throughout this article I will be using Java within code snippets, whilst also using JUnit and Mockito. This article aims to provide examples of test code which can be: hard to readdifficult to maintain Following these examples the article will attempt to offer alternatives, which can be used to enhance the readability of your tests, which in turn will help ...

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Crossing The JUnit Streams

One of the nice things about JUnit 5 migration is that you can run your JUnit 4 tests in vintage mode and everything’s still compatible. One of the down sides is that some of the annotations and methods have the same name in JUnit 4 and JUnit 5 and it’s very easy, when both sets of the library dependencies are ...

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Testing Spring Boot conditionals the sane way


If you are more or less experienced Spring Boot user, it is very luckily that at some point you may need to run into the situation when the particular beans or configurations have to be injected conditionally. The mechanics of it is well understood but sometimes the testing such conditions (and their combinations) could get messy. In this post we ...

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Unit testing of ADF Application using JUnit

JUnit is a unit testing package for Java language and can be used to test Oracle ADF application as ADF is built on top of the J2EE framework. Unit testing is basically is a process to verify the smallest testable module against some defined test criteria. Here I am going to illustrate that how can we set up and use ...

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