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Performance Testing with JMeter


When developing complex, high-availability software projects, performance is of key importance. That is especially true in these modern times where anything other than lightning fast accessibility of real-time data is punished. This is not always an easy feat when talking about the huge amounts of data that are sometimes required. In this post we’ll use an online booking engine as ...

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Websockets with Jmeter: Getting Performance Numbers

Problem: I can across a problem recently where it was needed to test performance of SockJs/Stomp Spring websocket broker for multiple users . As WebSockets are asynchronous in nature its trickier then normal http/https request-response testing . Solution: Well it doesn’t need to explain why Jmeter is a good tool for perform this kind of testing , but needed a ...

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Load Testing Web Apps Using Apache JMeter

Apache JMeter is an excellent tool for simulating user load on a web application in order to test performance. You can easily build a test plan by specifying the number of users and the interval between requests, and JMeter will then spawn a thread per user and hit your webapp. At the end of the test, you will get a ...

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How to perform client side web performance testing in JMeter?

In this article we will see how can we do client side performance testing using Jmeter Plugins. I will be using jmeter webdriver plugins. Before starting this topic, please have some basic information on client side performance testing from my previous post. So, lets get started:         Installation Install Jmeter and Plug ins from below links following ...

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SpiderMonkey to V8 for MongoDB and mongometer

With 10gen switching the default JavaScript engine for MongoDB 2.3/2.4 from SpiderMonkey to V8 I thought I’d take the opportunity to compare the relative performances of the releases using mongometer. Being a Security bod, I really should have looked at the Additional Authentication Features first… Hey ho. I’ll document the steps taken during the comparison, including the set up, so ...

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