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How to get Type-Safe and Intuitive Hibernate/JPA Queries by Leveraging Java Streams

A large proportion of Java database applications are using Hibernate/JPA to bridge the gap between Java and SQL. Until recently, we were forced to mix Java and JPQL or to use complex imperative criteria builders to create database queries. Both of these methods are inherently neither type-safe nor very intuitive. The newly launched open-source library JPAstreamer addresses these issues by allowing you ...

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Extend Hibernate to Handle Java Stream Queries

The Java Stream API released in Java 8 has proven itself to be an efficient, terse yet intuitive way of expressing application logic. The newly launched open-source project JPAstreamer allows you to express Hibernate or other JPA database queries using Java Streams. In this article, we will show you how to extend the API of your existing database applications to ...

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Difference between save vs persist and saveOrUpdate in Hibernate

Save vs. saveOrUpdate vs. persist in Hibernate What is the difference between save and saveOrUpdate or Difference between save and persist are common interview question in any Hibernate interview, much like the difference between get and load method in Hibernate. Hibernate Session class provides a couple of ways to save an object into the database by methods like save, saveOrUpdate, ...

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Hibernate Many To Many Tutorial

Introduction: In this tutorial, we’ll learn to define and use a many-to-many entity association using Hibernate @ManyToMany annotation. Context BuildUp: To follow along with this tutorial, let’s say we have two entities – Employee and Qualification: As we know, one employee can multiple qualifications. Also, there can be N number of employees with a specific qualification. It clearly means that the Employee and Qualificationentities share a Many-to-Many relationship. Maven Dependencies: In ...

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Identifiers In Hibernate

Introduction: Identifiers in Hibernate model the primary key attribute of an entity. It helps us to uniquely identify a JPA entity. Every entity must define an identifier. Also, it can be either simple or composite. We can define a Hibernate identifier in several ways. In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to do so. Simple (Single-Valued) Identifier: If we have a ...

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Spring Boot Hibernate Tips


1. Overview Hibernate needs no introduction. It is the most popular ORM out there for Java. Similarly, Spring Boot is the most powerful, and easy to use framework out there for Java. This tutorial isn’t about Hibernate or Spring Boot, there are tons of them out there. We’ll look into some common errors that you may run into when using ...

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How to map PostgreSQL Enums to JPA entity properties using Hibernate

Introduction The open-source hibernate-types project allows you to map JSON, ARRAY, YearMonth, Month or database-specific columns (e.g. INET addresses). In this article, we are going to see how you can map a PostgreSQL Enum type to a Java array when using JPA and Hibernate. Maven dependency First of all, you need to set up the following Maven dependency in your ...

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