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Introduction into GraalVM (Community Edition): And How the Future Looks Like?

1. Introduction In this last part of the tutorial we are going to speculate about the future of GraalVM, both from the short-term and long-term perspective. I think there are three main themes which GraalVM is going to evolve: Improving native image technologyImproving and optimizing GraalVM JIT compilerImproving Truffle and including more Truffle languages Let us briefly talk about some ...

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Introduction into GraalVM (Community Edition): Cloud as a Changing Force

1. Introduction The shift towards cloud computing has had a massive impact on every single aspect of the software development process. In particular, the tools and frameworks the developers have had mastered for years suddenly became unfit, or to say it mildly, outdated. To reflect the reality, the whole new family of frameworks and libraries has emerged, collectively called cloud-native. ...

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Introduction to GraalVM (Community Edition): Revolution or Evolution?

1. Introduction Over the last couple of years we have witnessed the astonishing pace and scale of the innovations in the JVM ecosystem. Not only the new JDK release is coming out every 6 months, research and development are accelerating without any signs of lacking directions and features. Table Of Contents 1. Introduction 2. What Is GraalVM? 3. Evolution or ...

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Java: GraalVM Database Stream Performance

GraalVM is the new kid on the JVM block. It is an open-source Virtual Machine that is able to run many programming languages, such as Java, Rust and JavaScript, at the same time. GraalVM has also a new internal code optimizer pipeline that can improve performance significantly compared to other JVMs under some conditions. Learn how to reap the benefits ...

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