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Java EE6 Decorators: Decorating classes at injection time

A common design pattern in software is the decorator pattern. We take a class and we wrap another class around it. This way, when we call the class, we always pass trough the surrounding class before we reach the inner class. Java EE 6 lets us create decorators through CDI, as part of their AOP features. If we want to ...

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Poor man’s approach in practice

One day we ran into problem when an application was randomly starting using more CPU resources as usual. It continued picking more and more CPU resources from time to time. Thread dump showed many threads though we couldn’t understand wich of them is problematic…and I remembered about poor man’s profiler and its approach: the stack that’s all we need to! ...

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Design Patterns in the JDK

Brian Du Preez, our JCG partner from Zen in the art of IT has made a very fine job of collecting the most common design patterns found in the JDK. The pattern list is indeed impressive and long, so let us babble no more and present it to you. I saw an article (well more of a rant) the other day, by ...

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Using the State pattern in a Domain Driven Design


Domain driven design (DDD) is an approach to developing software where the complexity of the problem is addressed by connecting the implementation to an evolving model of the core business concepts. The term was coined by Eric Evans and there is a DDD dedicated site which promotes its use. According to their definition (Glossary of Domain-Driven Design Terms), DDD is ...

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