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Restoring Cassandra Priam Backup With sstableloader

I’ve previously written about setting up Cassandra and Priam for backup and cluster management. The example that I gave for backup restore there, however, is not applicable in every situation – it may not work on a completely separate cluster, for example. Or in case of partial restore to just one table, rather than the whole database. In such cases ...

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Recommendation System Using Spark ML Akka and Cassandra

Building a recommendation system with Spark is a simple task. Spark’s machine learning library already does all the hard work for us. In this study I will show you how to build a scalable application for Big Data using the following technologies: Scala LanguageSpark with Machine LearningAkka with ActorsCassandra A recommendation system is an information filtering mechanism that attempts to ...

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Data Modeling in Cassandra

In Relational Data Models, we model relation/table for every object in the domain. In case of Cassandra, this is not exactly the case.This post would elaborate more on what all aspects we need to consider while doing data modelling in Cassandra. Following is the rough overview of Cassandra Data Modeling. As we can see from the diagram above, Conceptual Data ...

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NoSql Databases: Cassandra vs Mongo vs Redis DB Comparison


1. What are NoSql Databases? NoSql (Not only Sql) databases are non-relational databases that are horizontally scalable, persist semi or unstructured data and have flexible schemas. These databases support multiple data models such as key-value, document, column-family, graph based, in-memory etc. for managing and accessing data. NoSql databases are best suited for building modern applications, which require large data and ...

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Avoid Lists in Cassandra

Apache Cassandra is fast and scalable database which over the years became almost as easy to use as a traditional SQL database. At least on the surface. You an use SQL-like queries, but they have a lot of limitations; you have a schema, but it’s not as flexible to modify it as in a SQL database; you have the same ...

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Cached Prepared Statements with Spring Data Cassandra

Today I have a short post on using Prepared Statements in Spring Data Cassandra. Spring provides you with some utilities to make using Prepared Statements easier rather than relying on registering queries manually yourself with the Datastax Java Driver. The Spring code provides a cache to store prepared statements that are frequently used. Allowing you to execute your queries via ...

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Key differences between Apache Ignite, Hazelcast, Cassandra and Tarantool

Apache Ignite is widely used around the world and is growing all the time. Companies like Barclays, Misys, Sberbank (3r largest bank in Europe), ING, JacTravel all use Ignite to power pieces of their architecture that are critical to the day-to-day operations of those organizations. Moreover, the vendor like TIBCO uses core caching data-grid module of Apache Ignite with advanced ...

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Containerising a Spring Data Cassandra application

I’m continuing my journey of learning Docker. I am still keeping it simple at this point. This time around, I am going to tackle converting a Spring and Cassandra application to use containers instead of running locally on the host machine. More precisely, using Spring Data Cassandra to sort out the application. I wish I looked at doing this change ...

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Interacting with Cassandra using the Datastax Java driver

I’m back with more Cassandra and Java integration today this time focusing on using the Datastax Java driver rather than Spring Data Cassandra which I have already written about quite a lot. The Datastax driver is actually used by Spring Data to interact with Cassandra but comes with some extra goodies built on top of it. But we don’t want ...

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