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Setting Up Cassandra Cluster in AWS

Apache Cassandra is a NoSQL database that allows for easy horizontal scaling, using the consistent hashing mechanism. Seven years ago I tried it and decided not use it for a side-project of mine because it was too new. Things are different now, Cassandra is well established, there’s a company behind it (DataStax), there are a lot more tools, documentation and ...

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AWS: Spinning up a Neo4j instance with APOC installed

One of the first things I do after installing Neo4j is install the APOC library, but I find it’s a bit of a manual process when spinning up a server on AWS so I wanted to simplify it a bit. There’s already a Neo4j AMI which installs Neo4j 3.2.0 and my colleague Michael pointed out that we could download APOC ...

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Serverless: S3 – S3BucketPermissions – Action does not apply to any resource(s) in statement

I’ve been playing around with S3 buckets with Serverless, and recently wrote the following code to create an S3 bucket and put a file into that bucket: const AWS = require("aws-sdk");   let regionParams = { 'region': 'us-east-1' } let s3 = new AWS.S3(regionParams);   let s3BucketName = "marks-blog-bucket";   console.log("Creating bucket: " + s3BucketName); let bucketParams = { Bucket: ...

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Maintain Infrastructure with Elastic Beanstalk and CloudFormation

The multitude of services and ways to build infrastructure on AWS can easily lead to a hand-crafted snowflake of a system that is hard to maintain over the long term. Often you don’t know who introduced which change or how to reproduce it in a staging environment to test future changes. To counter this problem, AWS developed CloudFormation to keep ...

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Spring Cloud AWS with proxy settings


In my previous article, Spring and Amazon Web Services, I provided a brief introduction to Spring Cloud AWS module and what you as a developer can expect from it at this point in time. One thing that is not obvious from the official documentation is how to use this module when your Internet connection is restricted by a proxy server. ...

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